Is there a life after death?

Obviously, there is no person today who can actually say in his own experience that there is life after death. We can only determine that when we die.  There are people who believe that there is life after death. As such, there is heaven where good people go while hell for the bad people. Other people believe otherwise. Those who don’t believe in life after death say that after we die, our bodies decay and that’s the end of us.

In one of the Apologetics session I attended, the arguments for life after death are given and explained point per point. Although I’m already a believer of life after death with just faith, I found a concrete justification that there is really life after death.

In a Christian perspective, the icon used is Jesus Christ, who was crucified, died and resurrected. He can be an example. Also, there is a distinction of body and soul. When we die, it is said that the body decays but the soul doesn’t. The soul stays alive when we die and is put to our resurrection bodies later on when we live again (for judgment day).

Having established that there is a difference between a body and soul, it can be given a possibility that there is really life after death.  But more importantly, the reason why I’m very convinced that there is really life after death is justice. In this world, there are poor and there are rich.. There are good and bad people. I agree with the argument that is unfair to put just an end to a person who is bad (like Hitler) after making others suffer. In the same way, it is unfair for a poor person to be poor in his lifetime because of uncontrollable unfortunate events. I personally believe that the other life becomes the place for justice to all people. This argument is very strong and I think this makes life after death alive.

So for those who don’t believe in it, they can do whatever they want. However, there is always justice that will take place if not in this world, in the other.

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