Same sex marriage?

It was only last year (2009) when I finally changed my stand on same sex marriage. Well, I’m not a person who is in a relationship with the same sex but I’m currently in a relationship with the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and been with. I’ve been condemning homosexuals especially having relationships with them because for me it’s “ehw” and unacceptable to society. I’m also a closed Catholic and I believe that a man is for a woman and vice versa.

When I fell in love with this girl last year, everything was very unexplainable. The heart does all of the moves although I was laughing at people who’re in love way back. But the point is, I realized that love is an unexplainable feeling that a person feels towards another. Thus, the other person feels the same way too for his partner.

I came up to the idea that the feeling of “love” may happen to homosexual couples who felt an unexplainable feeling which is mutual. People have the freedom to love and it’s also a freedom for the homosexuals to do the same. I personally believe it’s okay as long as they do not step on the freedom of others.

The reason why these homosexual people want to have “marriage” is for them to be recognized by the State as a couple and have rights which the majority of the couples have. I think the blessing of the church is not needed as long as the State will recognize them with equal rights.

The reason why there is discrimination against these homosexual and their same sex marriage is the norms of the society. But going back, why would the society dictate on your feelings to a person you really love? The society is just very conservative and close minded that’s why they’ve been so resistant to the issue.

For me now, it doesn’t concern me as to whether the couple is of different or same sexes. The married couple might be of different sexes, but they can’t make their relationship work out while the same sex couple has a successful relationship. Which is better now?

I’m not a pro-homosexual advocate and I’m a believer of God and His word. It’s only my personal view that love can exist not only to boy-girl but also to same sex people. And I think there’s nothing wrong with that as long as there is love.

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