Justin’s New Year’s Resolution and Goals

I’ve been doing this every year but I don’t really monitor it. I realize now that I’m 21 and I need to do something different starting next year in order to attain my goals independently.

So, I think it has to start with character. Here are some resolutions in my character:

1. I’ll be punctual. No more lates. Always early. May it be on work or any scheduled meetings. Or even in meeting deadlines.

2. I’ll be more patient. When it’s traffic or something has to wait, I will wait without any bad thoughts.

3. I’ll be humble. No matter what I have atttained, I’ll just stay quiet. I won’t say anything that will make other people feel small even some people will make me feel one.

4. I’ll be organized. My stuff will be in orfer and so are my schedules. I’ll follow what I plan. No more messy areas. No more lost things. All are organized.

5. I’ll be more loving. I have to show my love even in the tiniest way possible. One way is to give time to the ones I love.

6. I’ll be persistent and zealous in work. That’s what I learned in the FORMDEV reco.

And for my goals…

1. Have at least 8-hour rest for the day.

2. Healthy foods only and less calories.

3. Jogging and sit ups every day.

4. Save money.

5. Get certifications.

6. Apply for graduate degree.

7. Do faith duties and hear mass.

8. Find a local community for service and spiritual growth.

9. Visit relatives most especially grandparents as frequent as possible.

That’s it. I hope this entry will remind me of what I should do and what I should become for 2011.

Thank you Lord for everything!!

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