Doing the Math

My dad told me that it’s best to invest on real estate like a house or a condo unit because its value appreciates as time goes by. Yes, I agree. And because people like me who’s not born rich, starts from the bottom going up the ladder. If that’s the case then it means that the state of being rich is low when you start working and it goes up as time flies. This concludes that the hindrance for abundance is ‘time.’ That’s because everything takes time yet life is short.

Anyway, another thing my dad told me was that investing in cars and technology (i.e. expensive cellphones/laptops) is bad because its value depreciates in a short span of time. As Moore’s Law applies in essence, the value of a gadget is half after less than a year in parallel with a technology that is double the power of the current one. Also, the value of a car depreciates drastically while its maintenance is very expensive. So, it’s still impractical to get one when you have a lot of other more important priorities that you support financially.

A couple of weeks ago, my dad gave my a new Toyota Innova J series (Diesel). It’s the cheapest among the Innova series but I would agree that the differences vary very slightly like accessories and such. But the important thing is the engine, which is good because it has the same engine as the Fortuner. It also has comfortable seats good for 8 people and a compartment at the back. So, the mission given to me is to survive a life with a car. My philosophy always says “practicality and simplicity.” At first I don’t really like having a car because it’s expensive etc. But now that I have one already, then it’s time to use it in the most practical and simplest way possible.

I did a lot of changes in my car style when I handled the Innova. Vast changes occurred and that’s because it’s my responsibility now:

I don’t rush when I drive. Never anymore. When there’s a jeepney trying to cut my way even if the driver counter flowed, I’d still give him the space. That’s because I know it’s a pain in the ass if the jeep bumps on me and I would to pay for the repairs.

I always try my best to drive in the coolest way possible. My average speed in the highway is just 60kph. I don’t race with other cars even if they’re provoking me to. I don’t speed up when it’s Yellow in the traffic light. Instead, I start slowing down and hit the brakes even if it’s not turning fully stop yet.

I don’t try to play with vehicles who are very careless. I sound the horn very loud so they would know that somebody is beside or near them even if they get annoyed.

I don’t rush on bumpy and moon-styled roads. I drive slowly to avoid all those holes and other road texture problems. I don’t mind anymore even if the car behind me is rushing (unless it’s an ambulance) and keeps on sounding the horn so I would rush.

I clean the car very often both external and internal. I do the cleaning or sometimes the car wash boys do it. But I have my own stuff as well. I don’t want the car look dirty.

I want the car to be safe. My dad started it with an centralized lock with an alarm. I do have my own security by putting lock on the steering and the brake pedal. I also invest in putting the car in a safe parking lot with a roof even it costs quite expensive. And everywhere I go, before I bring the car to the destination, I make sure that there’s a secured place for the car to stay.

And I learn how to look for the cheapest gasoline stations in the area to maximize my money. I also learn how to look, study and measure all the routes when going to office, Cavite etc. to be able to maximize the gas. It makes me learn a lot actually. I get exposed to shortcuts and alternative roads.

In the end, even if it’s just a month old, I feel like I’m already raising a child. Taking care of a car is so expensive. But it makes you more responsible and mature. At the same time, you get the comfort that some don’t experience.


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