Traffic and sidewalk issues along Pasong Tamo

To the Makati Government:
I’m a resident here in Brgy. Bangkal, Makati for 8 years now. I’m a registered voter and resident. I’ve also learned most of the routes in going around Makati.

I am writing this message to you because I really think and feel that it is my duty to inform you about the problems that I’m observing here in Pasong Tamo near Don Bosco area. I live there nearby.

Pasong Tamo Traffic
We all know that the Pasong Tamo Rd. is notorious for flooding. I can see that the government is doing some flood control projects that’s why the Estacion St. (parallel Pasong Tamo) is closed for the project. People also observe the elevation of roads in the Pasay Road area. One side of it is closed due to ongoing construction. I think that is a really good plan.

However, I think that the traffic control/congestion worsened. Everyday, there are many irate drivers and long queues from SLEX going to Don Bosco Rd. and in Pasong Tamo (going to Magallanes and vice versa). The MAPSA officers cannot control the traffic because the volume of vehicles are way more than what the street can handle during that time. The bottleneck is Don Bosco Rd. cor Pasong Tamo. Almost majority of vehicles coming from SLEX wants to turn left going to Waltermart/Pasay Road/Buendia. The vehicles from Magallanes are going the same direction. Hence, there’s a very heavy traffic. As you would know before the construction, Pasong Tamo from Don Bosco Rd. to Waltermart is one way. That’s why traffic before was controlled.

I only see 2 concrete solutions and I hope this can be considered by the government and traffic enforcers:
1) Make Pasong Tamo Rd. (at the very least from Don Bosco Rd. to Waltermart) a NO STOPPING ZONE. As you will see, both sides, the right most lane and the left most lane, are occupied by parked vehicles who are either school bus services, cars of parents waiting etc. This cuts the available lanes to 2 which is very small for the volume of vehicles using the road. Traffic enforcers should force the vehicles to move so that the traffic circulates and penalize/tow if they insist on staying. For the past days, these parked vehicles occupy from the start of Don Bosco school to its Pasay Rd side. This causes so much traffic.

2) Permanently close the entrance from expressway going to Don Bosco Rd. or close it at the beginning and ending of all Don Bosco classes. My first suggestion is quite restrictive because not one vehicle can pass through Don Bosco Rd. But this will surely remove unnecessary traffic for those going to Pasong Tamo. I say unnecessary traffic because it’s a traffic that cannot be controlled by the traffic enforcers. It’s too much for them to handle because the volume of vehicles is so high. By logic, since the drivers know that the road is closed, they will find for alternative routes. My second suggestion can be seen very effective. The traffic in Pasong Tamo becomes very bad when it’s the start or end of students’ classes. I suggest close the gate before 7am, 12pm and 4pm to lessen additional traffic. I think the traffic will be lessened big time.

Please note that during Saturdays, Don Bosco usually has its sports activities like inter-school tournament etc. Not one Saturday was the traffic controlled. There were no traffic enforcers, lots of cars parked along the street and the traffic is like a big and long parking lot in Pasong Tamo.

Sidewalk issues

I also would like to report the sidewalks both on Don Bosco side and Waltermart side. On the Don Bosco side, people cannot walk straight because the sidewalk is uneven  damaged and has so many cracks. Mostly students and passers-by affected by this problem. I hope this issue can be resolved because this will be very helpful for all people walking there.

On the other side, I feel that the Vista residences and Wilcon Depot have violated rules on the sidewalk. Vista condominium is still ongoing and they destroyed the sidewalk flattened and made an inclined angle so that their cement trucks can enter their vicinity. I think this very bad because they park their trucks along the sidewalk and the wet cement flows on the street. The trucks are supposed to be parked in their vicinity and they should’ve not changed the form of the sidewalk. It’s not theirs.

Wilcon Depot has their own contribution to the worsening traffic in Pasong Tamo and they are also obstructing the sidewalk. First, they don’t have proper parking area. Vehicles are allowed to turn in any part of their vicinity. If there is no parking, the vehicle waits on the street. They allow triple or sometimes quadruple parking (cars queued up per column) which partly is their space and partly is the sidewalk. Thus, it obstructs the sidewalk and people resort walking to the street instead. For example, when 1 car wants to leave their place and it happens that it’s infront, they need to move all three cars out to the street so that the car infront can move. All other cars are using the space of the street and adding to the traffic. This is how they are parking the cars –

Wilcon Depot should implement an effective parking scheme. I suggest that they can put a vehicle entrance for those unloading/loading. They need space to load the hardware stuff that they buy. And make parking with limited slots. They have to be rational when accommodating cars. If the maximum parking is for 10 slots, they should not allow 50 vehicles park there. Otherwise, it will be chaotic like what is happening now. They can even ask their customers in case the parking is full to park at Waltermart. It’s covered, it’s safe and it’s around 10 steps away.

If both Vista residences and Wilcon Depot respect the people, they should do something with the problems with the sidewalk. Everyday, lots of students and even employees walk there. There were multiple instances when I nearly got hit by a car that valet personnel from Wilcon Depot was moving.

I hope that this report will go somewhere. I know this is unsolicited but I’m reporting and suggesting this to improve Makati. There are so many people who are affected with these problems which I believe can be resolved. I think that a perspective from a person who sees it everyday is also helpful other than proclaimed experts in the field of urban planning.

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