On road manners, discipline, courtesy and respect

SINCE I moved in Quezon City (QC), I became more knowledgeable on the road. I learned more shortcuts and long cuts going to work in BGC (Taguig City) and Magallanes Village (Makati City). Aside from the very busy EDSA, I learned the streets of Cubao District such as V. Luna, 15th/20th ave., Boni Serrano, Whiteplains and C-5 road. I also learned the streets of Pasig such Greenmeadows, Lanuza, Capt. P. Javier, St. Martin and Canley (where motels are found). Lastly, I learned the streets of New Manila such as the end of Sct Ybardolaza, Dona Hemady, Betty Go, Mariposa and N. Domingo. It’s a very good experience learning those routes.

On a more important note, living in QC taught me to be more mature and patient on the road. Everyday, I hear news of road rage, from shouting to killing each other just because of not giving way for sharp-swerving vehicles. I subscribed to TopGear PH page and I see these horrific news on road rage and accidents everyday.

One initiative made by PNoy was to remove the “wang-wang” culture. VIP’s use their sirens so vehicles will give way to them, although they are cursing the VIP’s for using their power. Now, only ambulance and fire trucks can use sirens. However, this ugly practice is still experienced today without the “wang-wang.” I have experienced this twice when there was a VIP convoy (2 vehicles) in EDSA. They came from Ayala to EDSA flyover. There was a wide distance between them and I switched to their lane. Then, I was in between the 2 vehicles without knowing that they’re in convoy. And then the vehicle behind me (bodyguards) started blowing the horn continuously and started aggressively overtaking my car to the point where I almost hit other vehicles in the other lane. Good thing the hot-tempered me stage already passed. But what will happen if these egoistic VIP’s encountered another of their kind? The sad thing is, even if you try to avoid these scenarios, they will try to provoke you with their guns, just like the case of UP Dean Raul Pangalangan.

From my daily road observations, I can classify four types of drivers that need rehabilitation: 1.) Reckless Driver; 2.) Selfish Driver; 3.) Insensitive Driver; 4.) Stupid Driver

  1. The reckless driver is the driver who doesn’t care for his safety, his passengers, pedestrians or other commuters. Both public and private drivers are guilty of this. In EDSA for instance, buses are really doing an implicit drag racing to get more passengers and to piss off other vehicles. The scary part here is that with their carelessness, it can lead to fatalities. I remembered when I was driving from Q. Ave to EDSA. I overtook a Don Mariano bus. It was a clean and courteous overtake because it’s slow, there was a wide distance and I used my signal. I assumed the driver got very angry because he started blowing the horn very loudly and he wanted to hit me by over speeding and destroying the car. I could sense it because he had not no intention of stopping. He’s very fast while hitting the horn in high beam lights at my back. I had not choice but to speed up and lost him in Monumento. Very scary and very reckless. A reckless driver can destroy a car, just like what happened to this brand new Toyota Vios. The worst thing it is that some of these reckless drivers don’t have the feeling of remorse. I remember one incident when I was in a police station to file a police report regarding a collision with a tricycle early this year. A bus driver there was arrested for hitting and killing a pedestrian crossing the highway. In his face, there was no sign of regret. He was even laughing and making fun of the situation.
  2. Selfish drivers are drivers who only think about themselves. They want to get in the toll first without falling in line. Selfish drivers are prevalent in the Metro. For instance, during peak hours, I often go to Sct Ybardolaza for some shortcut routes. It’s a two-lane, two-way road. However because the queue is getting longer, some private vehicles and UV express vans counterflow and then try to go back to the correct lane again. Imagine the deadlock! And they’re the ones who are angry when you don’t allow them to go back to the right lane! Same is true when there’s a queue under a flyover, service road. Drivers will drive very fast on the flyover lane and will swerve to change to the service road lane in the last seconds, causing traffic for all!

    Usual scenario. This Innova suddenly goes to the service road lane without any signal and queuing. He came from the flyover lane. Worst effect is that many cars followed him causing heavier traffic.
  3. Insensitive drivers are drivers who don’t care about the situation of others. They are usually drivers of Public Utility Vehicles (PUV’s). For jeepneys, this happens when they load and unload at the corner side of an intersection, blocking those vehicles turning their direction.In EDSA, most of them are buses that load and unload in the middle of the road or at the start of a flyover.

    Multiple buses parking in their terminal. causing heavy traffic during peak hours.
    Multiple buses parking in their terminal causing heavy traffic during peak hours. The driver in front of me was already going out in anger to shout at the drivers/MMDA enforcers.
  4. Lasty, the stupid drivers are drivers that have expensive cars, but act like an asshole. They are the ones who park in the PWD parking slots even if they have no PWD passengers. They will block the driveway beside a No Parking Sign. They wouldn’t pay a parking fee and just park along the no-parking, no-waiting road but they own a Lexus with a driver. There was a news about a Range Rover towed in BGC and the netizens were very angry at the BGC guards on the manner how the towing was made. My point is, why will you get angry at the BGC guards? The drivers there know that it’s a no-parking zone, why won’t you park in a decent parking space? You can afford a Range Rover but can’t afford a P40 parking fee?
At least he folded the side mirror before leaving his car.
Illiterate or ‘elite’-rate?

The Philippines has still a lot of way to go to elevate its standard in driving. I think we can’t blame everything in the government. The government lacks a lot. They have a rotten system in implementing the rules. But I think that doesn’t mean that we should adapt with these corrupt practices.

If somehow, you can relate in one of these types of drivers, simply reverse its description and you can, in a small way, help the society. For example, if you are a selfish driver, why don’t you give way to people who would like to overtake with the proper distance and signal? My officemate told me that he doesn’t use signals anymore because most cars don’t give to other cars that use signals. What topsy-turvy world we’re living in!

If a middle-class car owner can pay for a parking fee to avoid being towed and not to contribute to traffic, why won’t you a Lamborghini owner park in the parking space too? I was very furious 2 weeks ago that there was a Jaguar parked (no driver in the car) across our Net Lima office in BGC. The BGC guard in motorcycle didn’t mind the parked car even if they have a strict rule on no-parking/no-waiting in the streets of BGC. Just right after the Jaguar, there’s a parked motorcycle, that obviously was driven by a delivery boy. The BGC guard immediately called the towing team to get the motorcycle. The guards of Chinabank called the delivery boy to run and get his motorcycle. The motorcycle wasn’t towed but the driver was scolded by the BGC guard and humiliated in public

… while the Jaguar beside it was just parked peacefully. Son of a gun!

Some parishioners of Don Bosco Makati complained on this new rule of the parish. Cars can no longer enter the parking area if it is already
Some parishioners of Don Bosco Makati complained on this new rule of the parish. Cars can no longer enter the parking area if it is already “Full Parking.” Apparently, they don’t want to pay a parking fee in Makati Square and instead they just want to double-park. How great is that? They are willing to pay parking when they go to malls but have no intention of paying when going to church. Amazing.

We have to do our part, even in a small way as possible. Let’s not add more problems in this “carmageddon.” There’s still hope even if it’s a long way to go.

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