Meeting 6: July 11 Strategic Alignment and Objective Setting

I’m referencing and acknowledging this blog: for showing the Strategic Alignment Model that is useful in determining the status of a company:


We learned different assessment tools to determine the organization’s standpoint based on their business strategy and IT strategy. We discussed the strategic alignment to see if the Business Strategy is complemented by the IT strategy counterpart. The model is used to check (and calibrate if necessary) the current state of the organization and determine what adjustments can be made.

For example, in one of the models the company is rated as “Proactive” (which is high, technology-based, top-down) but in terms of maturity, it is still in Application Silo (low for maturity), then this means that there’s something that needs to be calibrated in the strategic alignment.

On another note, I learned that the term “usability” does not only equate to ease of use but also ease of learning. Also, I learned that the initial intention of Microsoft with the default installation of games (such as Solitaire, Minesweeper etc.) was not for entertainment but to teach the early users of GUI learn the functionalities of the mouse.

Regarding the analysis of case studies, we were reminded not only to create SMART objectives, but formulate also in a strategic level perspective. (There are 3 levels of strategy – Strategic (high), Tactical and Operational (low)) This should also be applied in the formulation of problems. Lastly, we were advised that asking if a particular model is useful in determining an outcome when creating a problem statement is also acceptable.

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