Meeting 7: July 18 Shanghai Bell revised and Integration Engineering

The exercise that we did 2 meetings ago was returned. I didn’t expect I will get a good grade. Thanks for the resources and lessons, Sir Fiel! 🙂

We presented the revised draft of our Shanghai Bell. We nailed the objective and problem statement. It’s the first time in class that a group was able to provide that correct objective and problem statement! It was a morale booster. Sir Fiel accepted the problem statement but reminded us that the case facts must support the problem. In the end, the our solution must be a data-driven decision.

He also commented on our Alternative Actions. He said that alternative actions must be able to answer the problem posted. So in our case, we are asking for the IS strategy that can be used. The alternative actions must be strategy too. For the recommendations, we need to recommend based on the frameworks that we studied also. For example, if in the case study the organization is still in the Reactive phase then the recommendation can suggest ways on how the organization can become Proactive.

We were reminded by Sir Fiel, “What you feel good doesn’t necessarily mean appropriate.” I think this reminder is very true because we tend to do things based on our “feel” sometimes or for some, most of the time.

One thing I learned in this meeting which is applicable to my everyday life encounter is “Don’t give all your technical expertise.” Based on Sir Fiel’s experience, he didn’t think of the fact that he can earn money from his advice to his company. I have that same “share the knowledge” tendency though. But I learned that meeting that you need to keep something for yourself also. You need to have some strong edge later on.

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