Network Management and Design

For this exercise, assign the following roles to each of your group members:

1. Network Architect – Designs the network topology and chooses the devices in building the network infrastructure.

2. Network Engineer – Configures and implements network infrastructure.

3. Network Administrator – Facilitates, maintains and operates day to day network operations.

4. Procurement Officer – Provides options for device and service acquisition. Responsible for pre-procurement, procurement and post-procurement.

Note: A member may be assigned multiple roles if you lack manpower. Also, a role may be used twice if you have more than 4 members. In short, you need to ensure all roles have corresponding members.


Ghana IT Services Inc. is an SME company located in Ayala Ave., Makati City, Philippines. The company sells security appliances such as Firewall, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and a combination of both, the Unified Threat Management System (UTM). They also provide 24/7 monitoring of these devices as they are a Managed Service Security Provider (MSSP). Currently, it has 120 employees divided into the following groups:

Administration (Led by the VP-Administration)

– Finance & Accounting

– Sales & Marketing

– HR

– Audit

Operations (Led by the VP-Operations)

– Security Operations Center (This department monitors the health and logs produced by the managed devices)

– IT Support Group (Technical support of IT services)

– Deployment Engineering (Responsible for installing and fixing deployed devices)


1. Ghana IT Services would like to setup another location to make it an alternate yet operational site. This is to ensure business continuity among its services in case of power loss or calamities.

2. They want to expand their market in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. All departments must be replicated in these regions as well.

3. They are operating 24/7. This means that services and products that they are offering should have High Availability (HA)

4. There is an increase in employees, 10% every year.


1. Create a 3-year network management and design plan that will address the following issues:

– Fault Tolerance (How will you resolve the issue of High Availability?)

– Scalability (There is an expected increase in the employee headcount. How will you address this?)

– Quality of Service (Which departments do you think need more bandwidth? How will you implement it?)

– Security (How will client data be secured? How about communication and storage security? Can employees work from home?)

2. The network architect must provide the logical topology of the network, communicating all 3 branches, the IP addressing used and other relevant network information.

3. Procurement Officer must provide a list of services (ISP) and a table of security appliances (at least 3 brands for comparison) determined by the network architect.

4. Network architect must choose and justify the options given by the procurement officer.

5. Network engineer must configure the network provided by the network architect using Packet Tracer. (Note: Device brands chosen by the network architect may differ. Even if you are using Packet Tracer, you are assuming you are implementing the brand that you have chosen.)

6. Network administrator must determine the daily routines he is doing for network infrastructure. Specifically:

– Network Level: How do you patch the servers? When do you conduct patch management?

– Host Level: How do you provide access control to users? Do you have any anti-virus solutions installed? Do you conduct auditing?

– Application Level: What are the default programs installed in the company computers?


This activity will be done during our class on August 4, 2015.


1. Powerpoint presentation containing each tasks (File name: MINSYST_NetworkMngtDesign_<LastNames>.pptx)

Note: Include a cover slide showing the group members with its corresponding roles.

2. Packet tracer file (File name: MINSYST_NetworkMngtDesign_<LastNames>.pkt)

Sent the two deliverables to with Subject: MINSYST NetworkMngtDesign Last Names

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