ITCONCE Case Study

Objective: To be able to explore, utilize and demonstrate a productivity application


  1. Each group will be assigned a particular application to be researched on.
  2. The application must be downloaded and installed. The essential functionalities must be explored and demonstrated in class.
  3. Prepare a documentation about the application assigned.


  1. Presentation – A Powerpoint presentation containing the summary of the software being evaluated.
  2. Application demo – Demonstrate how to download, install and use the application.
  3. Documentation – A written report containing:
    1. Title Page
    2. Introduction – Summary of what the application does and the testing activities done.
    3. How to Install – Step-by-step procedure on how to download, install and configure the application
    4. Testing – Screenshots on the functionalities of the application tested
    5. References – Cite all references used for the documentation


  • Each group should have a minimum of 2 members and maximum of 4 members.

List of Applications and Expected Tests:

  1. MySQL
    • Test 1: How to create, modify and delete a database.
    • Test 2: How to create, modify and delete a table.
    • Test 3: How to insert, modify and delete entries in a table.
  2. MS Excel
    • Test 1: Application of the functionality- Pivot Table
    • Test 2: Application of the functionality- Chart
    • Test case can be found here
  3. Packet Tracer
    • Test 1: Creation of a simple LAN with the following devices- PC, switch, router
    • Test 2: Connecting 2 networks using a static route.
  4. Video Editing
    • Note: The group can choose any video editing tool
    • Test 1: Create a vine about IT concepts showing applying the features of the tool (e.g. adding animations, text, background, voice manipulation)
  5. MS Project
    • Test 1: Creation of a project and outlining of tasks in a project
    • Test 2: Assigning tasks to each member
    • Test 3: Tag a task if completed or not
    • Test 4: Computation of man hours
  6. VNC
    • Test 1: Installing an agent in a computer and to a smart phone/PC.
    • Test 2: Accessing the computer remotely.
  7. Putty
    • Test 1: Enabling Telnet in a computer.
    • Test 2: Accessing the computer remotely.
  8. HTML
    • Test 1: Show the HTML headers
    • Test 2: How to create links, add media (image, video, sound, animation)
    • Test 3: How to add tables and frames
    • Test 4: How to implement image mapping
    • Test 5: How to add forms and its components
  9. Web Content Filtering
    • Note: Download tool here-
    • Test 1: How to configure the Web protection tool.
    • Test 2: Allow and block a website


Group Grade (grade given by the instructor) 80%
Presentation 10%
Documentation 30%
Testing 40%
Individual Grade (grade given by the group leader) 20%
TOTAL 100%


Follow format here: ITCONCE_ProjectFormat

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