Reviewing an App


To be able to compare and contrast mobile/web applications and determine its competitive advantage


  1. Each group is assigned an application category. The group must look for 2 applications on the same category.
  2. Determine if the apps are implemented as mobile app and/or web app.
  3. Determine the price of the apps.
  4. What are the main features of each application?
  5. What is the net value of the application?
  6. How did the application become popular?
  7. What is competitive advantage of each application?
  8. Which application will you recommend to use/download? Why? Rate 1-5.


Powerpoint presentation showing tasks 2-8.

Demo the features of the app (if your group is assigned)


  1. Transportation (Uber, Grab Car) – Gen
  2. Food review (Zomato, Zooloo) – Fermin
  3. Navigation (Waze, Maps) – Jairo
  4. Travel (airfare, hotels) – Kim
  5. Shopping (online shopping) – Ryan
  6. Social media (FB, Twitter etc.) – Kass
  7. Health (heartbeat checker, pedometer)
  8. Security (Fingerprint checker, phone locator)
  9. Banking (BPI, Paypal) – Lei
  10. Communication (Viber, Skype etc.) – Janella

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