Learning Log 2 MSPOLIS

Learning Log # 2

Justin David Pineda


So far, I have started to learn how to answer case studies in an ‘acceptable’ manner. I am also trained to express my thoughts in class and defend the group’s answers. This is somehow new to me because in the technical world I just sit at my workstation for 8 hours.

In this course, I have to read and think critically about the case and look at all the possible perspectives to resolve the problem (as what Sir Fiel taught us). This is way contrary to a regular work where the same task is repeated daily. This is what makes the work easier- repetition. In analyzing the cases, the problem differs and it has to be dealt with in different approaches.

Sharing thoughts is also something new for me also. I teach in the undergraduate level too but mostly the talk comes from me. Students just listen. Most of the time, they will just accept what I say without question or doubt. In the MSPOLIS class, I have to think twice, thrice or more than that before I say my piece. There’s always debate, which I think is very helpful, on why the answer is this or that. I am always challenged and it give me enjoyment and satisfaction also.

One important thing that I have learned is to think “strategically.” I’ve been exposed to answer the questions in the operational level, because I’m part of the Information Risk Management (IRM) team. I have been depending my answer also to my work or how our department works. In analyzing the cases, I learned that I should detach myself from my work and how my department operates. Otherwise, it might affect how I make my analysis for the case.

Primus Inter Pares – This is one statement I learned in class. I have always wondered why we are always told that are answers are wrong. I seldom hear the words “correct,” “very good,” and “you’re right.” I don’t know if this is a teaching style to explicitly and repeatedly point out what’s wrong. Then I learned the meaning of the maxim. The teacher is just first among equals. He’s just ahead of us. I believe the same explanation given and I guess it’s applicable even in the industry. But at some point the same skills need to be transferred to somebody else so the cycle goes on.

I also learned about problems on ERP implementation. I’ve read and we’ve discussed in class different cases like Ashvini and Shanghai Bell about the failures on ERP implementation. Relating it to the real world, I realized the importance of business strategy and strategic alignment. Usually, when technical people enter the field, they are already utilizing the ERP service so we tend to forget or evaluate how it was made.

I learned in the strategic alignment that business strategy and IT strategy should be aligned together so the IT implementations like ERP will be successful. Also, I learned that by understanding and applying the IS assessment tools, I will be able to determine the current state of the organization and use it to determine its future.

Lastly, I learned the importance of IT governance in an organization. I remembered when I first entered Coca-Cola, there’s somehow a discrimination against the job role. Most SAP employees felt they were being discriminated against by the Marketing and Sales group. They claim that they were branded as “cost centers” of the company. I look at IT governance in a way where people are able to give value to the business. For instance, I’m in security and to show my value to the company, I tell them how much the company saves from vulnerability and penetration testing. This helps the company determine that my role is necessary because it is already a profit center rather than cost center.

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