Car Registration/License Renewal in 30 mins at LTO P. Tuazon, QC

Last July 2015, my car was due for registration renewal. Per the advice of my colleague at work, I tried renewing the car registration at LTO P. Tuazon branch in Quezon City.

Location of LTO P. Tuazon
Location of LTO P. Tuazon
Car Registration Renewal

It only took me 10 minutes to sign up and check in an emission testing center. The good thing is, there’s no queue because of the oversupply of the emission testing centers around the area. The testing fee is P450.

I went directly straight to the LTO office afterwards. LTO personnel are on standby and will guide you to park insideou the area. They will ask you to get a registration form in the booth outside and they will do the stencil. The stencil will take around 10 minutes. Once it is done, the LTO personnel will escort you inside the office and somebody will check your documents.

The following documents are required for renewal:

  • Registration form
  • Photocopy of OR/CR
  • Emission Test Result
  • TPL from your car insurance

After your documents are evaluated, you will be asked to pay for the total bill of P2,779.06. After a couple of minutes, you will be able to get your OR. Unfortunately, the new plates and stickers are still not available. But overall, it only took me 30 minutes from car stencil to releasing of OR.

Car registration renewal costs P2,779.06. (Duplicate plates cost P450.00


Renewal w/ new plates – P 2,779.06

Emission test –               P     450.00

Total: P 3,229.06

Renewal of License

This August, it’s my license’s turn for renewal. I learned that some LTO sites already have the plastic cards. So I called their hotline at 7237740. I was informed that they conduct LTO renewal and they have the plastic cards already!

So the next day, I went to the LTO site. I was instructed to have a medical exam across the building. I went to Precision Drug Test and Medical Clinic. Drug test is no longer required. The medical exam includes eye check, BP and weight. The test costs P150.

Precision Drug Test and Medical Clinic right across the LTO office

Medical test is only P150. For a hassle free transaction, prepare exact amount!
Once you get your medical results, go back to LTO office and proceed to Window 1. You will be given a number a wait for your name to be called. You will submit the medical test result and old license number. The information will be shown to you in a monitor and you need to verify if the information is correct.

Verify your info in the monitor screen

Pay at Window 11 (Cashier)

After you’ve verified the information, you will be asked to go to Window 3 for picture taking and signature. Then, proceed to Window 11 (Cashier) for payment. I paid a total of P417.63 for the license.

You will get the license card immediately in Window 4 once you get the receipt.

License renewal only costs P417.63
In total, it took me 30 minutes to renew my license including the medical exam.


License – P 417.63 (20 minutes)

Medical – P 150.00 (10 minutes)

Total – P 567.63


This is the first time I have found a very friendly and accommodating government office. All employees are very accommodating and smiling sincerely. They look happy with their work. Their system is very systematic and efficient. In terms of the volume of the customers, there are at least 40 people at a time doing transactions, waiting etc. They have clean restroom as well and air-conditioned (well-ventilated) office. Those LTO personnel who are helping and guiding are not asking for tips or asking for bribes.

The only disadvantage is that there are few parking spaces around the area. Better ride Uber or train going there if you don’t want to be stressed out. 🙂

Overall, I highly recommend this LTO office branch for your car registration and license renewal.

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