Learning Log 6 – Earl’s Multiple Methodology and CSF

The final stretch of the course talked about Earl’s Multiple Methodology (1980) and how it can be applied in the real world in determining the Critical Success Factors (CSF).

The goal of Earl’s Methodology is to be able to align the business goals to the IT/IS needs or plans. This will be able to maximize the technologies’ functionalities, and be able to choose the right innovations to implement and avoid unnecessary costs.

I was really amazed at the realization that previously, the role of IT is only a support service is in the value chain. After applying Earl’s Multiple Methodology, it is now very evident the IT has a very crucial role in the CSF of the business.

For example in the our company, the role of technology now is very essential in expanding its marketing and sales strategy. The advertisement campaigns and promotions are now in mobile and web applications because more and more customers are using the social media and smart phones to communicate and interact.

According the Earl, the methodology is three-pronged, consisting of the following:

  1. Business Plans and Goals (Top down)
  2. Current Systems (Bottom up)
  3. IT Opportunities (Inside out)

The business plans and goals are strategic, high-level and generic. It is applied in the organization as a whole. For the current systems, it contains the specific technologies that are already implemented in the organization. The IT opportunities are the “proposed” innovations that will help the organization achieve the business plans and goals.


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