Learning Log 2: Transactional Analysis

This is the first time I learned that the majority of the behavior of a person is based from his or her experience from 0-5 years old.

Based on my observation, I will have to agree with the inheritance of behavior is based on the person’s experience from 0-5 years old. That’s why it’s really important for the parents to be a role-models for their children. And I realized that it’s hard for OFW parents to be able to balance on sustaining the needs of their family and giving good influence to their offspring while they are away.

Then here comes transactional analysis. I learned that we can as act one of the following- child, parent or adult.

Imagine that in every scenario that you encounter, you can now tagged if the action is coming from a child, parent or adult.

  • If you are using mostly emotions with less logic, you can be classified as acting like a child.
  • If you are acting like an authoritarian  you can be classified as acting like a parent.
  • If you are adapting maturely to the situation, then you’re acting like an adult.

After the discussion, I learned that learning transactional analysis will help everybody analyze the situation first before responding. It will help everybody respond properly too. For example, if there is somebody who has a strong personality and conceited, you know that the person is acting like a child. Instead of acting like a child as well, you will instead try to understand the person and meet him/her halfway.

I really enjoyed the session because I always do transactional analysis every time I encounter a questionable scenario. And it helps me choose to act like an adult.


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