Competitive Intelligence & Ethics

For the past meetings in business intelligence, one important thing I learned is to ask the right questions. Companies need to be able to ask the right questions to cope up with the market and provide a sustainable product or service. However, a lot of ethical issues arise from doing competitive intelligence. For instance, is it ethical for telcos to give customer/subscriber information to third parties to offer you different products and services? What will you do if somebody gave you an intel about your company’s competitor illegally?

A good question to ask to determine if what you plan to do is ethical or not: Will a reasonable person do this action or not?

Another question is: If your competitor will do what you plan to do, do you think it is fair to you?

I researched about Lenovo, which initially was about adware but later on I learned there’s also an ethical issue because they’re collecting personal info and give it to a third party for advertisements. You can check the paper here: Case Analysis Lenovo_PINEDA



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