Learning Log 3: Leading the Knowledge Organization

Currently, I’m in a technical role in our organization and I don’t plan to take any leadership posts soon. I’m actually trying to learn the different aspects of the information security domain and after experiencing these different roles, it will help me lead a team someday.

The discussion in class was actually a wake up call. I learned that in some ways that we do our role, we act as leaders- not necessarily we have the position or even the salary for it. I learned the leader can be: a steward, a designer and a teacher. The definition of a leader is very simplistic in the session and looking at the bigger picture- it’s really true!

There are 4 straight to the point characteristics of a leader- character, competence, concern and communication. It’s self-explanatory and you cross-reference it with your behavior and actions.

I wrote a paper about my “leadership experience” and it can be found here: MCHMAN Paper on Leadership

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