Learning Log 6: Competence, Accountability & Indicators

The last topic that we discussed is about competence as a prelude to the creation of our final paper. Competence is the specified level of requirement to qualify for a particular role. There are a lot of job postings that show the competence level that the ideal candidate should have. However, sometimes the motivation of the headhunters is just to be able to recruit people for a high commission without validating the competence level of the applicant. This leads to a company employing an “incompetent” overpaid employee and giving commission to headhunting/recruitment agencies.

Creating a table for competencies of an applicant is very important and should be clearly explained in detail so that matching it with the right person will be easy. One characteristic of a good Competency table is that it can be measured.

My competence table for an Application Security Specialist (generic) can be seen here- Competency

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