Justin’s 2017 New Year’s Resolution

I’ve been busy this past year that I have forgotten this blog site. I’ve been juggling a lot of things- my work at Coke, teaching and advising at APC, some consulting work and my Master’s every Saturday.

Hopefully, I will be able to prioritize things this 2017. So, I have listed these concrete feasible steps to become better this year aka “new year’s resolution.”

  • Be healthy. Lose weight. Eat healthy. Get enough rest. Exercise.

I was able to lose at least 25lbs in 2016 through a strict expensive diet and off to a personal diet. From almost 190 lbs, I’m down to 163-165 lbs. But I’m far from the weight that is appropriate for my height. I need to reach 140 lbs which I failed to hit by end of 2016. Hopefully, I can reach 140 lbs and maintain it. I plan to continue the personal cheap “strict diet” and everyday exercise (stationary biking, badminton and/or jogging).

I also have to create a sleep routine and get 8 hours of sleep everyday. In 2016, I had the tendency to sleep 1-3 hours a day and take naps in between which was very unhealthy.

  • Read and finish more books. 

I will update this and list down at least 1 book per month. (sorry for the very slow progress) I had to modify my resolution and include “finish” because I tend to buy a lot of books and not completely read it.

  • Spend more time with family and friends.

I have missed a lot of family and old-friends get-togethers because of work. I realized that it is not healthy to consistently skip them. I missed my close grandpa/uncle’s 70th birthday. I missed visiting my grandpa’s grave last All Souls’ Day and much more. I have to give time to them as well.

  • Write more sensible and useful blogs/vlogs. 

I intend to write 3-7 blogs per week. haha I still think it’s feasible.

  • Travel to some personally unexplored places.

I wasn’t able to travel outside the country last year. I plan to travel more this year. Vietnam is a sure trip this January.

  • Use money wisely.

I had a lot of credit card abuse moments last year. In the latter part of 2016, I decided to stop using credit cards and instead pay in cash. I only use credit card for paying gas. I plan to cut unnecessary spending like Starbucks coffee, impulsive buying etc. I plan to set a limit for my spending so I can budget my money better.

I remember one month last year, my credit card bill was around Php 60,000 and majority came from food trips! huhuhu 😦

  • Be more patient and kind to others

I think slowly, I’ve become patient and kind to those “pasaway” people. I realized by the end of 2016 that I have to take this to a higher level. I have to be more understanding to people who are just unworthy of love. hahaha There are a lot of these people I encounter everyday.

  • Have some spiritual and quiet time everyday.

I just have to thank God everyday which I tend to forget a lot of times last year.

  • Limit use of social networking sites to 1 hour a day.

Difficult to do but will try!

So what’s your new year’s resolution aside from going to the gym to lose weight? hahaha



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