7 Things I learned After 5 Years of Teaching

After teaching in college for more than 5 years, I can summarize the lessons I’ve learned. I realized that the lessons can only be ‘learned’ through experience. Teaching is complicated. They say teaching is a profession that creates all other professions. Her students may become future scientists, engineers, lawyers, CEO’s even terrorists or politicians. That’s… Read More

Proud of my students’ achievements @ UA&P event

Last February 24, 2017, me and my undergraduate students went to the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) in Pasig City to present their project Hydra in a school-initiated research conference. The event was not very big but various students from undergrad to PhD were prepared to present their papers. I was really pushy… Read More

COMSEC2 Vulnerability POC and Analysis

For COMSEC2, the project of the students is to simulate and existing vulnerability (it can be application, network etc.) and create an analysis based from research. The ultimate goal is for the students to come up with an outlook of the vulnerability on how it has affected and will affect the computing world in the… Read More

Machine Project in Infosec

Objectives ■To be able to configure, implement an open-source security tool. ■To simulate a real-world attack scenario where the security tool can be used. ■To show how to configure necessary functionalities of the security tool. Tasks ■Each group will be assigned a specific security tool. Each group will research about the topic and download an… Read More

Research Paper on Emerging Technologies

Introduction A Case Study will be held as an academic symposium during the midterms week to discuss various emerging technologies in the field of information security. Each group will be tasked to research on a specified topic, explore and answer key issues about the subject. As its culminating activity, an academic paper with a required… Read More

Process Scheduling Course Notes in Operating Systems 1 (OPESYS1)

Process Scheduling Course Notes in Operating Systems 1 (OPESYS1) Justin David Pineda Faculty, Asia Pacific College November 2015 Introduction On the first half of the term, we discussed the conceptual terms and functions of the operating system such as process states, threads, synchronization to name a few. The second half of the term is dedicated… Read More

COMSEC1 – Culminating Project

In INFOSEC, the focus of the discussion is a bird’s eye view of the different domains of Information Security. More importantly, the curriculum followed is the CompTIA Security+ lessons. The final project’s objective is to be able to explore on security tools and software such as firewall, IDS, honeypot and to demonstrate the functionalities by… Read More

Reviewing an App

Objective: To be able to compare and contrast mobile/web applications and determine its competitive advantage Tasks: Each group is assigned an application category. The group must look for 2 applications on the same category. Determine if the apps are implemented as mobile app and/or web app. Determine the price of the apps. What are the… Read More

ITCONCE Case Study

Objective: To be able to explore, utilize and demonstrate a productivity application Process: Each group will be assigned a particular application to be researched on. The application must be downloaded and installed. The essential functionalities must be explored and demonstrated in class. Prepare a documentation about the application assigned. Deliverables: Presentation – A Powerpoint presentation… Read More

Network Management and Design

For this exercise, assign the following roles to each of your group members: 1. Network Architect – Designs the network topology and chooses the devices in building the network infrastructure. 2. Network Engineer – Configures and implements network infrastructure. 3. Network Administrator – Facilitates, maintains and operates day to day network operations. 4. Procurement Officer… Read More