Machine Project in Infosec

Objectives ■To be able to configure, implement an open-source security tool. ■To simulate a real-world attack scenario where the security tool can be used. ■To show how to configure necessary functionalities of the security tool. Tasks ■Each group will be assigned a specific security tool. Each group will research about the topic and download an… Read More

Research Paper on Emerging Technologies

Introduction A Case Study will be held as an academic symposium during the midterms week to discuss various emerging technologies in the field of information security. Each group will be tasked to research on a specified topic, explore and answer key issues about the subject. As its culminating activity, an academic paper with a required… Read More

Lesson 2: Security CIA, Protection & Least Privilege Concepts

The CIA Triad All issues and solutions pertaining to security fall under 3 categories: Confidentiality – Protection against unauthorized access Integrity – Protection against unauthorized modification Availability – Protection against denial of service The exact opposite of the CIA is the DAD – Disclosure, Alteration and Destruction. See the following events and solutions: Locking the… Read More

Lesson 1: Introduction to Information Security

Information Security (Infosec) is relatively a new discipline in Information Technology (IT). Usually, it is included as an elective in a course or just a section in software development or network administration. But in these modern times, the study of Infosec encompasses various domains in IT and industries. Meaning to say, Infosec can be applied… Read More