MINSYST – Feasibility Study Plan

Objectives To be able to look for a local/national problem that can be resolved using Information System (IS) implementation To study different IS implementations and conduct a cost-benefit analysis on its effects to the issue being resolved To present and defend the feasibility study plan with valid and logical support Template for Proposal Follow the… Read More

MINSYST – Data Analysis

Data Analysis Objectives: To learn how to analyze and interpret data given To create a report and make organizational decisions based on data given Deliverables: Powerpoint Presentation report Excel Spreadsheet with the data in pivot table Task 1: Determine which branch has high and low sales for Company XYZ (Monthly for 2014) Open the first… Read More

Lesson 2: Security CIA, Protection & Least Privilege Concepts

The CIA Triad All issues and solutions pertaining to security fall under 3 categories: Confidentiality – Protection against unauthorized access Integrity – Protection against unauthorized modification Availability – Protection against denial of service The exact opposite of the CIA is the DAD – Disclosure, Alteration and Destruction. See the following events and solutions: Locking the… Read More

Lesson 1: Introduction to Information Security

Information Security (Infosec) is relatively a new discipline in Information Technology (IT). Usually, it is included as an elective in a course or just a section in software development or network administration. But in these modern times, the study of Infosec encompasses various domains in IT and industries. Meaning to say, Infosec can be applied… Read More


NETWORKING 101 By Justin Pineda This article is created to serve as an introduction to basic networking concepts. This involves some discussion about the Internet, network devices, how it works and the like. We will also talk about some technical concepts for us to better understand the networking process (i.e. how a data is transmitted… Read More