ITCONCE Case Study

Objective: To be able to explore, utilize and demonstrate a productivity application Process: Each group will be assigned a particular application to be researched on. The application must be downloaded and installed. The essential functionalities must be explored and demonstrated in class. Prepare a documentation about the application assigned. Deliverables: Presentation – A Powerpoint presentation … Continue reading ITCONCE Case Study


Network Management and Design

For this exercise, assign the following roles to each of your group members: 1. Network Architect - Designs the network topology and chooses the devices in building the network infrastructure. 2. Network Engineer - Configures and implements network infrastructure. 3. Network Administrator - Facilitates, maintains and operates day to day network operations. 4. Procurement Officer … Continue reading Network Management and Design

MINSYST – Feasibility Study Plan

Objectives To be able to look for a local/national problem that can be resolved using Information System (IS) implementation To study different IS implementations and conduct a cost-benefit analysis on its effects to the issue being resolved To present and defend the feasibility study plan with valid and logical support Template for Proposal Follow the … Continue reading MINSYST – Feasibility Study Plan

Lesson 4: Types of Authentication and Access Control

Authentication Authentication is defined as proving who you are claiming to be. By default, we have 3 types of authentication: Something that you know – A form of authentication coming from what you know (residing in the mind) Ex. Password, pin Something that you have – A form of authentication that is tangible. Ex. Token, … Continue reading Lesson 4: Types of Authentication and Access Control