Key Intelligence Questions for Coca-Cola

What are some good key intelligence questions that Coca-Cola should ask to remain as the most iconic brand? I thought of some and presented it in our Business Intelligence class. Here are the questions: MSBUSIN Coca-Cola KI Questions

If Telstra will start its operations in PH, here are the q’s they should ask…

So we had an activity in our Business Intelligence class- which is to write key intelligence questions for Telstra that will help in shaping their strategic map. We need to ask the right questions to help them build a solid plan. The good thing about writing Key Intelligence Questions is to ask questions based on […]

Competitive Intelligence & Ethics

For the past meetings in business intelligence, one important thing I learned is to ask the right questions. Companies need to be able to ask the right questions to cope up with the market and provide a sustainable product or service. However, a lot of ethical issues arise from doing competitive intelligence. For instance, is […]