MSORMAN Final Paper

I have finally submitted my final paper in MSORMAN. We were asked to create a paper following a template of an application of a best practice. I have chosen ISO 27000, which is a standard used to check security policies and controls implemented in an organization. I defined ISO 27000 in the start of my … Continue reading MSORMAN Final Paper

PCI-DSS and Vulnerability Management

Last August 1, 2015, I presented about a known security standard for credit cards. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is a standard used to protect data of merchants and banks that utilize the credit card facility. There are 12 requirements of PCI-DSS. I focused my presentation on the vulnerability management side since … Continue reading PCI-DSS and Vulnerability Management

Meeting 7: July 18 Value Chain and Reporting

For this meeting, we just examined different value chains of organizations assigned to us. In our case, our organization is a Data Center. We presented our value chain but the comment was that the focus should be on the "space rental" service. We discussed the need of managing the servers and other features such as … Continue reading Meeting 7: July 18 Value Chain and Reporting

Meeting 6: July 11 McDonald’s Presentation

Our group analyzed and presented a case on McDonald's. In this case, we answered the following questions: • What is the profile of the company? • What were the challenges faced by the company? • What is the core business of the company? • How did the company address the challenges? • What are the … Continue reading Meeting 6: July 11 McDonald’s Presentation

MSORMAN Learning Journal Meeting 1-5

Meeting 1: Understanding Organization in the New Economy Date: June 6, 2015 My first class in my MIS was Organization, Management and Administration of Information Systems. The class was led by our professor, Mr. Jerald De La Rosa. We did some introduction with one another and set expectations and explained the house rules. Sir Je … Continue reading MSORMAN Learning Journal Meeting 1-5