MSPOLIS – Policy Report on Property, Privacy and Ethics

One of the major presentations/requirements in the IS Policy class is the presentation about policy creation for a specific topic. I chose the topic on Property, Privacy and Ethics since it overlaps with information security. My presentation is divided into 3 topics. Overview The terms asset, privacy and ethics are defined. Privacy effects of vulnerability… Read More

Learning Log 2 MSPOLIS

Learning Log # 2 Justin David Pineda MSPOLIS So far, I have started to learn how to answer case studies in an ‘acceptable’ manner. I am also trained to express my thoughts in class and defend the group’s answers. This is somehow new to me because in the technical world I just sit at my… Read More

Meeting 6: July 11 Strategic Alignment and Objective Setting

I’m referencing and acknowledging this blog: for showing the Strategic Alignment Model that is useful in determining the status of a company: We learned different assessment tools to determine the organization’s standpoint based on their business strategy and IT strategy. We discussed the strategic alignment to see if the Business Strategy is complemented by… Read More