Learning Log 4: Human Capital Case Studies

The Case Studies in Human Capital Management are very interesting because these really are happening in the real world. Unfortunately, the issues are not discussed in the corporate world because it’s quite taboo or sensitive. The usual cases that we encounter in Human Capital are: 1. office politics; 2. unfair promotion; 3. too much expectation; […]

Competitive Intelligence & Ethics

For the past meetings in business intelligence, one important thing I learned is to ask the right questions. Companies need to be able to ask the right questions to cope up with the market and provide a sustainable product or service. However, a lot of ethical issues arise from doing competitive intelligence. For instance, is […]

Learning Log 3: Leading the Knowledge Organization

Currently, I’m in a technical role in our organization and I don’t plan to take any leadership posts soon. I’m actually trying to learn the different aspects of the information security domain and after experiencing these different roles, it will help me lead a team someday. The discussion in class was actually a wake up […]

Learning Log 2: Transactional Analysis

This is the first time I learned that the majority of the behavior of a person is based from his or her experience from 0-5 years old. Based on my observation, I will have to agree with the inheritance of behavior is based on the person’s experience from 0-5 years old. That’s why it’s really […]

Learning Log 1: Understanding Human Capital

This is the first time I have enrolled and attended an HR-themed course since I graduated from a technical course. I find it very useful for me to understand human capital so that I can be able to cope up with the needs of the global economy. I realized that even though there are a […]

Learning Log 6 – Earl’s Multiple Methodology and CSF

The final stretch of the course talked about Earl’s Multiple Methodology (1980) and how it can be applied in the real world in determining the Critical Success Factors (CSF). The goal of Earl’s Methodology is to be able to align the business goals to the IT/IS needs or plans. This will be able to maximize […]

Learning Log 5: The Five Authors

In this activity, each of the students was tasked to look for 5 authors (can be fictional or non-fictional) and research on the lessons regarding strategic management. I have chosen the following authors and works: The Prince (Niccolo Machiavelli) Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand) The Wealth of Nations (Adam Smith) The Greatest Salesman in the World […]

A Primer on Ethical Hacking & Information Security for Senior High

In partnership with the Admissions and Marketing office of Asia Pacific College (APC), I was invited to give a short talk on Information Security education to incoming Senior High students. Students from different schools attended the seminar. Slides used in the seminar can be downloaded here: A Primer on Ethical Hacking & Information Security

Ethical Hacking & Information Security for PATTS faculty

Last Feb 25, 2016, I was invited by PATTS to give a talk for their faculty members about Ethical Hacking and Information Security. I would like to thank their VP for Academic Affairs, Engr. Lorenzo Naval and VP for Student Affairs Dr. Emelita Javier for the heartwarming accommodation in your school. To view my presentation […]

Learning Log 4 – Industry Life Cycle

We continued our discussion on Industry Life cycle. There are 4 stages: Introduction Growth Maturity Decline We then classified the current stage of the companies we are comparing: Apple and Samsung. We classified Apple in the Maturity stage while Samsung in the Growth stage. We followed a framework defining the aspects of each stage such […]