To provide the best cybersecurity solutions that will protect the enterprise


Become the leading cost-effective cybersecurity provider in the Philippines.


1. Practical Workshops

Conduct relevant cybersecurity workshops that will equip participants the necessary knowledge and skills that can be directly applied in their roles and organizations.

2. Recruitment

Bridge prospective candidates to the right roles through company partnerships.

3. Periodic Vulnerability Assessment

Subscription-based approach in conducting automated scans to determine existing vulnerabilities in the application, host and network levels.

Packages Include: On-demand, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual

4. Web and Mobile Application Security Testing

White and black-box testing on web and mobile applications using automated and manual tools following OWASP Top 10 Attacks.

Determine which applications have potential exploitable vulnerabilities and provide recommendation on how to fix them.

5. Open Source Security Infrastructure

Setup cost-effective security tools that have the same capabilities as its industry-level counterparts.

Tools Include: Firewalls, NIDS/NIPS, HIDS, DLP and WAF

6. Managed Security Operations

Provide security monitoring of events in the infrastructure, report and respond based on its severity.

Package depends on number and types of devices, type of response and time coverage of monitoring.

7. ISO 27001 Compliance

Assist in providing guidance in preparation for ISO 27001 Compliance by conducting interviews, audits and mock certification