Thank you for visiting my site. This blog contains articles that I’ve written that are related but not limited to: Teaching, Infosec, Social/Current issues and Experiences (travel, stories, food).

For my career update, I’m currently studying for the CISSP exam which I will hopefully take on April this year. (cross fingers on budget and sponsorship)

In the academe, I’m currently teaching Information Security (INFOSEC) to undergraduate students taking up BS-IT and BS-CS. I’m also teaching the same subject in Telus. The subject follows the curriculum for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam. One week of the course is dedicated for the MTA Security certification review.

I’m currently reading Thank You For Arguing by Jay Heinrich (I’m hoping this is helpful) and Positive Discipline in the Classroom (I borrowed this from the APC library) by Jane Nelsen et al. (I somehow want to be an effective accidental teacher!)

Finally, I have heard the last episode of John Finnermore’s Cabin Pressure via podcast and finished watching Legend of Korra (Book 4) and HBO’s Newsroom Season 3. I’m currently watching the HBO’s Silicon Valley and FX Network’s The Strain.  I’m looking forward to Netflix’s season 3 of House of Cards.

January 2015
Quezon City, Philippines

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